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Welcome to the dmf website.

Binaries (one year later)


Binaries are at long last up here.

The Saga Continues


After a very successful and nearly flawless demonstration at 190con, the Drunken Monkeys are bringing development to an end.

Now that monkeys fly and development on dmf is no longer, what will all our loyal fans have to look forward to?

Well, I lied, we are not done. There's documentation to read! Whoopee. Look for it. It will be available by tomorrow.

And, for the summer, we will be working on the dmf intro/trailer.

What's New


One moment at 190con has left an irremovable imprint on my memory. I'd like to record a quick account of that special moment, so listen . .

The room was relatively silent, except for the muffled whispers of people chatting in anticipation of dmf. Barely audible, you might catch the words "collision-detection" or "banana rockets" emitting from the audience.

Suddenly, the screen lights up with words written in katagana, and status bars revealing the internal calculations of the Kokoro engine. Models, textures, and sounds get loaded, along with the infamous octree . . or so the audience thinks.

The room is then filled with the sounds of drums and flutes. Chk-Chk. A shotgun is cocked. Fear and excitement mounts. The world is drawn. All eyes on the big screen. Then, an innocent monkey is found standing behind a hill, completely unaware of its sad fate. Bam! Monkey down. He grabs his throat and screams . . then falls to the floor.

Sadly enough, the crowd goes wild.


I'd like to apologize to all our loyal fans out there (J.J.) for not updating the site in recent weeks. There's just been so much going on here at OSTL and around the world, which CNN can vouch for (check the "dmf in the news" section for more details).

Anyhow, the website now has a couple new and exciting sections. We have the screenshots section, right under the project schedule, that has more than 24 photos of the recent events in Delhi. The Monkey Man seems to have upgraded his equipment and no longer brandishes the claws that most eye witness sketches depict. We have several shots of the Monkey Man and a few of his cohorts launching what are known as "Banana Rockets" carelessly onto the now barren city of Delhi.

Okay, I got a little carried away . . so then there's also the new "dmf in the news" section, and that is all for now. Expect to see the sound library updated in the near future. Later.